" has been amazing. SUCH A GOOD GIRL is now #28 of ALL books on Amazon, and #1 in two categories, so we’re very satisfied with the promotion."  

 - Buoy Media 

"I absolutely love working with Bookbundant! They make booking a promo so easy and I always see such great results with them. Definitely recommend them and I know that I’ll be coming back to book with them in the future!" 

 - Author Shaw Hart


Get Seen With Bookbundant

Shine in a tablet graphic we make for you, in a newsletter that's stylish, colorful and fun so readers actually love to open it, which is what you need! For our Solo Showcase, we design it around your cover and genre - the entire newsletter makes you stand out. Here are some past examples to see what we do for our authors and partners.

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 Your Book's Price -

Please consider the fact that, historically, deeply discounted books do better for downloads. But we do promote at any price. You're the boss of your book, series, and audiobook. 

 Platforms -

Your book, series, audiobook, must be available on Amazon - but we can also promote links to Apple, Nook, Google Play, and Kobo. 

Quality Reviews -

We all know readers respond to reviews, so to keep ours happy, a minimum of 10 reviews on your book is required unless it's a new release.  We all know those take time to accrue and readers are more accepting. They're excited to find something new.

Previously Featured -

To best serve you and our subscribers - we can't accept repeat promotions within three months after they've run. Yes, we're always gaining new subscribers, but it's best to give a books some room. If you featured a series, however, you're welcome to pick one book from it and feature that before the 3 months is over. 

 Why is Mystery Thriller cheaper than Romance-

Our list is larger for romance and we're still building our Mystery Thriller list to its size, so what we do for Mystery Thriller authors is the Solo Showcase sent just to readers who signed up for your genre, plus feature your book inside of the main Romance newsletter since we've discovered a lot of crossover and clicks!

 Thank you -
We're so excited to help readers find you! Submit your promotion today, as space is limited. We'll respond within 72 hours to let you know if your promo is accepted. Happy Publishing!