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By Samantha Hayes

I will do anything to protect my daughter. She’s all I’ve ever wanted and all I really have, but the moment I opened that letter and accepted the gift inside, I walked us right into a dangerous trap. I know I should have got her to tell me who she’s been talking to on the phone late at night, and where she was the day I went to pick her up from school and couldn’t find her, but she’s not spoken a word since she discovered a secret hidden in our new home.

And now she’s missing…

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Three Seconds To Rush Danielle Stewart.jpeg


By Danielle Stewart

Tara Shiloh knows she’s not a drug addict. She’s positive she’s a good mother and hard worker. So why is she in an alley with a needle in her arm? Waking up in the hospital without her son is terrifying. With her memory spotty and the circumstances incriminating, Tara must fight to learn the truth. Reid Holliston defends guilty people for a living and it's slowly killing him. He’s certain there is no such thing as a truly blameless client anymore. When his phone rings, Tara on the line, a voice from his past. Can a promise made in childhood be enough to save them both?

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The Good Lie by A.R. Torre.jpeg


A.R. Torre

Psychiatrist Dr. Gwen Moore is an expert on killers, unlocking their motives—predators much like the notorious Bloody Heart serial killer, whose latest teenage victim escaped and then identified local high school teacher Randall Thompson as his captor. The case against Thompson as the Bloody Heart Killer is damning—and closed, as far as Gwen and the media are concerned. If not for one new development…

Limited Time Deal $3.99 

or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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These Toxic Things by Rachel Howzell Hall.jpeg


By Rachel Howzell Hall

Mickie Lambert creates “digital scrapbooks” for clients, ensuring that precious souvenirs aren’t forgotten or lost. When her latest client, Nadia Denham, a curio shop owner, dies from an apparent suicide, Mickie honors the old woman’s last wish and begins curating her peculiar objets d’art. But these tokens mean a lot to someone else, too. Mickie has been receiving threatening messages to leave Nadia’s past alone...


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Dirty Devil by Liliana Hart.jpeg


By Liliana Hart

In the latest thriller from New York Times bestselling author Liliana Hart, Coroner J.J. Graves and Jack Lawson investigate the murder of a victim who got exactly what he deserved.


But justice is blind, and they have to put their personal feelings aside to hunt a ruthless killer. 

Limited Time Deal $ 0.99  (normal 7.99)

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