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Bookbundant has 3 exciting genre-specific monthly giveaways : Romance, Mystery Thriller and Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Choose which genre you want deals & freebies in using the 3 entry forms below. Please scroll down for all the juicy details.

1st Giveaway:
For Romance Lovers

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2nd Giveaway:
Mystery/Thriller Fans

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3rd Giveaway:
Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fans

These are the fun eBooks you could win plus all of the book goodies you can see in this beautiful photo posted by one of our June winners! 

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"So...tell me a little more?"

We started Bookbundant after the pandemic hit everyone hard, hoping to save readers money since everyone kinda needs that right now. We're book lovers too, so we had a lot of fun putting these giveaways together. But that's not all the fun we have. 

You'll see when you get our emails that we put a lot of thought into designing them. They change every time because we know that readers are creative people too and want pretty stuff just like anyone. 

So even though we're sending you sales and promos, our emails don't feel like they were made in an office by a computer that doesn't care. We work from home and like to create our free newsletter so it's fun for you to open. 

In Community Corner we highlight a member of the Bookstagram community, interview best selling authors, have surveys and offer prizes. 

But most of all we give you a ton of books to read so you have plenty of escapes to choose from at such a deal it's almost like stealing. Find your next favorite author with Bookbundant and we promise to keep things interesting. Tell a friend about us and spread the money-saving fun of reading to more people everywhere. Books are the cheapest way to travel these days! ;)

If you want to see our past giveaway winners, we highlight our stories about them on Instagram. Find them on our main page under "Giveaway". Social links below, and extra entries when you follow us (just read the form when you fill it out for all the ways you can win). Happy Reading!