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By Lauren Blakely

From a New York Times Bestselling Author

The one unbreakable rule in the Man Code is this: no matter how beautiful, smart, and clever she is, do not fall in love with your best friend’s woman.


Yeah, so I screwed up big time when I fell for her.

I might have let my sin of unrequited love slide, given everything that went down in the last few years, but Lulu just walked back into my life as vibrant as ever.

Trouble is, she’s even more irresistible than ever, and this time around I’m not sure any code can hold me back.


Even if I stand to lose everything...

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Cruel Daddy by Bianca Cole.jpeg


By Bianca Cole

Cruelty is his middle name, and I'm at his mercy.

My father has kept me locked away in an ivory tower.
I thought he wanted to protect me, but he only wanted to protect his asset.


An untouched, sheltered mob princess is worth a lot of money to the right buyer.


I always expected to marry for love, but all I feel is hate toward this beautiful beast. They say there is a fine line between love and hate.


Could the fire of hatred really twist into something more?

$.99 or Free in Kindle Unlimited  (Normal $2.99)

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His To Save by Julia Keanini.jpeg


By Julia Keanini

Reliable, school teacher Lottie is always on time. ALWAYS. So of course it would happen that the only day she wakes up late is today. The day she has to be on a flight back to her small hometown of Blue Falls to try to rescue the suddenly struggling business her family has spent generations building. 

Arriving at the airport with no makeup, no time to spare, and in her bunny slippers wasn't how Lottie imagined her morning going. Also not part of the plan? Running into Prince Charming on her flight. 

But when Leo turns out to be a billionaire in disguise and part of the rival business that is driving Lottie's family business into the ground? She has to walk away, doesn't she?

$.99 or Free in Kindle Unlimited  (Normal $3.99)

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The Island Scandal by Elana Johnson.jpeg


By Elana Johnson

When her best friend and beach running partner, Burke Lawson, asks her for a favor she says yes. If she'd have known he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend-for-a-night because his father insists he "settle down" before turning over the multi-billion dollar flower company to him, Ash might have said no.


She's had a crush on Burke for a while, but he's never been serious about anyone. Ever. She knows it's part self-preservation and part façade, but she has no idea how much she's willing to jeopardize in their friendship for a shot at something more.


Can Burke and Ash find a way to navigate a romance when they've only ever been friends?

$1.49 (Normal $3.99)

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Falling For The Billionaire by Christina Tetreault.jpeg


By Christina Tetreault

A nurse in Providence, Paige Foster never once considered purchasing a ticket to the Helping Hands Bachelor Auction. But when Aunt Bebe invites her along, she accepts, expecting nothing more than an enjoyable evening with her favorite aunt. Aunt Bebe has other plans though. By the end of the evening Paige finds herself the proud owner of four romantic dates with Scott Belmont, President Warren Sherbrooke’s nephew.

Lately billionaire Scott Belmont doesn’t have time for a social life, never mind a bachelor auction. Regardless, when his mom asks him to take part in the fundraising event, he agrees. Scott assumes he’ll take the winner on a few dates and then dismiss her from his mind. Then Paige Foster walks on stage to claim him.

Scott is not at all what she expects. Before she realizes it he’s made his way into her heart. But Paige has a secret, one she fears might send Scott walking.

Free For A Limited Time (Normal $2.99)

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