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By Piper Lawson

Off Limits Book 1

Ex-ballet dancer Olivia would never set foot in a club like Velvet, not to mention seize the stage. But when she learns her ‘perfect’ boyfriend has been cheating, she indulges in a wild fantasy for the first time.

From the moment Sawyer rescues her in the parking lot at the club, Olivia realizes he’s what she’s been missing. The way he touches her sets her on fire.

But one mistake becomes two when she learns Sawyer isn’t only the passionate, mysterious man she stayed up all night with...

He’s her new professor.

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Big, Bossy Mistake by Lilian Monroe.jpeg


By Lilian Monroe

Manhattan Billionaires Book 1

I thought my invitation was a birthday present from my best friend.
The dress, the limousine, the red carpet… I thought they were meant for me.
That was mistake number one.

Then my date arrives, all gleaming cufflinks and tousled hair, steely blue eyes and a body honed to masculine precision.
Arrogant. Charming. Panty-melting.

And melt, they do. Hanky-panky with a rich hottie in the back room of the event I’m crashing?
Don’t mind if I do.

Listen, don’t judge me. It’s my birthday, remember? Nothing that happens tonight counts in real life.

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Corrupt My Mind by Kelsey Clayton.jpg


By Kelsey Clayton

My name is Zayn Bronsyn, and I think I screwed up.

I wasn’t supposed to fall, especially not for her.

She’s in a league of her own, and I’m just her brother’s scumbag friend.

The last time I saw her, she was thirteen with braces.

Now, she’s back from boarding school, with an hourglass body that’ll bring me to my knees.

If Easton finds out I hooked up with his sister, he might actually kill me.

She’s too innocent, too perfect for a guy like me, but I can’t resist dragging her into my messed up world.

Amelia Donovan might be the one to revive my blackened heart.

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The Detective Duke by Scarlett Scott.jpeg


By Scarlett Scott

Unexpected Lords Book 1


Grit, determination, and a will of steel have propelled Hudson Stone through life. No case he faced as Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard went unsolved. But nothing could have prepared the implacable investigator for inheriting a dukedom. Even more maddening than his ducal obligations is Lady Elysande Collingwood, the previous Duke of Wycombe’s betrothed. Worst of all, the debts Hudson has been bequeathed along with the title mean he needs to marry an heiress to save his estates from ruin, and the cheerful, dazzling Lady Elysande is the only one he knows.

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Love Handles by Gretchen Galway.jpeg


By Gretchen Galway

Oakland Hills Book 1

The world of fitness apparel isn't ready for Beverly Lewis. She hates the gym, is nice to everybody, and shops at Ross Dress for Less. When she's not teaching preschool, she's wearing yoga pants . . . to nap in. So when she inherits her estranged grandfather's fitnesswear company in San Francisco, nobody expects her to keep it. Fite Fitness needs a heartless suit to save it from bankruptcy, not a thirty-year-old woman who cries when her students leave for kindergarten.

Someone like Liam Johnson. A former Olympic swimmer, Liam is Fite's executive vice president. Unlike Bev, he's devoted his life to Fite's success. Managing one little preschool teacher--and his attraction to her--shouldn't be an issue. Right?

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