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By Susan Stoker

From a Wall Street Journal & New York Times bestselling author- Book 1  in the Silverstone series about four former military operatives who rid the world of the worst of humanity while fighting to protect the best part of their lives: the women they love.

Former military operative Carson “Bull” Rhodes hasn’t dated seriously since he and his teammates left the army. Since then he’s opened Silverstone Towing—which is a front for his other job: hired killer. When kindergarten teacher Skylar Reid calls for help while stranded on the side of the interstate, the attraction is instant. The problem is Bull’s career has jaded him. Skylar’s innocent, and he wants to keep her that way.

$2.49 or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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Dear Everly by London Casey and Jaxson Kidman.jpg


By London Casey & Jaxson Kidman

Dear Everly,

We promised each other forever, and now that’s gone. My memory of you is our daughter. I said I would never move on, but something happened. Someone moved into the house next door. She works at our daughter’s preschool. Everywhere I go, she’s there. My forever is changing now… I’m falling in love with her. Loving her means forgetting you. Loving her means letting you go. Loving her... means everything to me.

I love you endlessly,


$.99 or Free in Kindle Unlimted

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By Fiona Quinn

From a USA Today Bestselling author- Book 1 in the Cerberus Tactical K9 Series

All Major Dani Addams wanted when she started up that trail was to mourn and honor her fallen friend. She has no way of knowing the weather is about to turn on her in the worst possible way—or that she's about to meet a man who will change her entire life.

$2.99 or Free in Kindle Unlimited  

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The Secrets of Clover Castle by Holly Martin.jpeg


By Holly Martin

Hopeless romantic Milly Rose has had her fair share of heartbreak. Obsessed with all things Disney, she refuses to give up on finding her Prince Charming – he’s out there somewhere, isn’t he?

When Milly is given a job to investigate the origins of a historical building in the village of Clover's Rest, she’s not sure what to expect. What she discovers takes her breath away - a beautiful real life Cinderella castle, complete with turrets, a magnificent drawbridge AND a very handsome owner…Cameron Heartstone.

$.99 or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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By Natasha Madison

From USA Bestseller Natasha Madison book 1 in the Only One series.

Being traded to Dallas was a dream come true. I had everything I wanted, my game had never been better, and my wife was due to have our baby any day now.

What could go wrong?

I was now raising our baby on my own. After hockey practice and games, I didn't have time to sleep, let alone make sure my social media was up to par.

I never thought I'd get a second chance at love.

Free For A Limited Time 

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