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Romance Book Deals

Pricing at book publisher's discretion. Deals can end without notice. Please check before buying. 

Fury Of Aggression by Coreene Callahan.jpeg


By Coreene Callahan

Dragonfury Series Book 8

Tasked with stopping a war between powerful Immortals, dragon-warrior Sloan doesn’t have time for distractions. Mistakes cost lives, and his mission requires all of his attention. But when he witnesses a woman being attacked, he breaks every rule to keep her alive, putting himself and the future of Dragonkind in jeopardy.

Hiding from the Russian mafia isn’t easy. But when the head of the Bratva targets Theodora Romanov, she runs, determined to protect her daughter. As the stakes rise, she’s thrust back into a dangerous world full of deadly consequences to save her sister. Injured and alone, she’s forced to do the unthinkable—trust a man more dangerous than the hunters on her trail.

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Tempting The Billionaire by Christina Tetreault.jpeg


By Christina Tetreault

The Sherbrookes of Newport Series Book 13

Sometimes temptation strikes when you least expect it.

Straitlaced Courtney Belmont prefers to avoid the spotlight that the media always has focused on her family. She leaves any behavior that might catch its attention to her younger sister—or at least she always has until Josh Williamson, better known to his fans as J.T., sits down next to her while she’s on vacation.

Josh will do anything to make sure he keeps joint custody of his young daughter, including putting his career on hold and getting married. There isn’t a doubt in his mind that Courtney Belmont, the woman he spent an incredible two weeks with, is perfect for the role. Her reputation is flawless, her family is powerful, and more importantly, she’s remained in his thoughts since the last time he left her hotel room.

Although hesitant, Courtney agrees to be Josh’s temporary wife. However, it’s not long before Josh wants her in his life forever. But can a man who spends his life acting convince her that his feelings are real?

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The Seduction Series Vella by Eloisa James.png


By Eloisa James

Season 1: BEA, Episodes 1-18; Season 2: ELLA, Episodes 19-44. Season 1: Bea is shamed for her curves but courted by a duke; Season 2: Ella lives in an attic until she has the chance to go to a ball (Cinderella!) SEDUCTION SERIES favorite tropes: Plus-sized Heroine, Cinderella, Grumpy-Sunshine, Love Triangle, Guy Falls First.

First 3 Episodes Free!

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Undercover Attraction by Katee Robert.jpeg


By Katee Robert

The O'Malley's Book 5

Ex-cop Charlotte Finch used to think there was a clear line between right and wrong. Then her fellow officers betrayed her, and the world is no longer so black and white. Especially when it's Aiden O'Malley, one of the most dangerous men in Boston, who offers her a chance for justice. The only catch: she'll have to pretend to be his fiancee for his plan to work.

Aiden can't afford to let anyone see the man behind the mask. To run the O'Malley empire, he has to be cool and controlled at all times. But the moment he meets Charlie, they're playing with fire. Her slightest touch is enough to send him over the edge. At first their "engagement" was a way to eliminate his enemies. Now he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe-- even if he has to destroy his own family to do it.

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3rd Six Books of Cocker Brothers Box Set by Faleena Hopkinsjpg.jpeg


By Faleena Hopkins

Cocker Brothers Series Books 13-19

Sophia Sol - Book 13:

Family loyalty. Humor. Steam. Forever love...

Sean aka Diesel - Book 14:

An MC Romance to crack your heart wide open...

Max - Book 15:

Back in Atlanta, time for popcorn and candy with...

Nicholas - Book 16:

A Romantic Comedy to party with...

Caden - Book 18:

A Steamy Doctor Romance to elevate that pulse...

Tonk Jr. - Book 19:

To help you remember heroes exist...

Free For A Limited Time!

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