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Pricing at book publisher's discretion. Deals can end without notice. Please check before buying. 

Pricing is at the publisher's discretion. Deals can end without notice. Please check before buying. 

Five Will Die By Trace Conger.jpeg


By Trace Conger


Nothing ever happens in Lincoln, Ohio. Sheriff Tim Burke likes it that way. That all changes when someone slips a note under Burke’s door. A note claiming five people will die in Lincoln. At first, Burke and his two deputies dismiss it as a prank by local teenagers, but then the first body turns up. Then the second. 

Can Burke and his team solve the murders before the killer claims his fifth victim and disappears forever?

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At First Light by Barbara Nickless.jpeg


By Barbara Nickless

On the muddy banks of the Calumet River, a body has been found posed next to a series of mysterious glyphs and bearing wounds from a ritualistic slaying. Chicago detective Addie Bisset knows only one man who can decipher the message left by the killer: her friend Dr. Evan Wilding. A brilliant forensic semiotician, Evan decodes the etchings as Viking Age runes. They suggest either human sacrifice or righteous punishment. But to what god? And for what sins?

Only one thing is clear from the disturbing runic riddles: there are more victims to come.

As Evan races to determine the identity of the Viking Poet, he and Addie uncover the killer’s most terrifying secret yet: the motive. This startling discovery puts Evan’s life in mortal danger, and verse by ancient verse, time is running out.

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Pushing Up Dasies Vella by Essie Wolfe.png


By Essie Wolfe

One summer's day, a ten-year-old boy named Jimmy Burke goes missing. Last seen by his parents, he was headed to the neighborhood park. The investigation team found nothing left of him, and had no leads on where Jimmy vanished to. As time went on, his case became cold but with each passing summer, the kids that remember Jimmy still feel the heat of his mysterious disappearance.

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The Black Hornet by Rob Sinclair.jpeg


By Rob Sinclair

What would you do if the love of your life vanished without a trace? If you’re ex-intelligence agent James Ryker, you search for the answers whatever the cost, however much blood and sacrifice it takes . . .

Six months ago Lisa was taken from Ryker, and he’ll stop at nothing to find out who is responsible and why. Following a trail to Mexico, the ex-Joint Intelligence Agency asset soon finds himself in the firing line of enemies he long thought he’d left behind. Set up for the murder of a former informant, Ryker is thrown into a crumbling jail run by The Black Hornet, the notorious leader of a Mexican drug cartel. But what connects the cartel to the informant’s murder, and to Lisa’s disappearance? And just who is the mystery American claiming he can help Ryker in his hour of need?

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Dying To Tell by Keri Beevis.jpeg


By Keri Beevis

As the only survivor of a horrific car crash, Lila Amberson believes she is on the road to recovery after she is released from the hospital. Her memories of the accident are blurred, though and a series of unsettling incidents leave her fearing for her safety. Does she have survivor’s guilt or is something more sinister at play?

Jack Foley is reeling from the shock of losing his sister in the crash and when he first meets Lila, he lashes out, blaming her for Stephanie’s death. But when Lila gives him a locket that she believes belonged to his sister, it presents more questions than answers.

As Lila and Jack work together to find out what really happened on the night of the accident, they are unaware that someone is watching them closely. Someone who has much to lose if the truth comes out, and someone who is prepared to do everything necessary to ensure all loose ends are taken care of . . .

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