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Rescuing Reeve

By Amy Waeschle

Dr. Cassidy Kincaid barely finishes her field work one of Costa Rica’s most dangerous volcanoes when a call from her sister turns her world upside-down. Cassidy’s troubled stepbrother, Reeve, has gone missing in a nearby party town. Cassidy vows to find him.

As the mystery draws her deeper into the darkest corners of paradise, Cassidy discovers a shocking truth about the stepbrother she never understood. 

Will this truth save Reeve, or place Cassidy in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer?

Limited Time Deal $0.00 (normal $.99)

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Let Me In Adam Nicholls.jpeg


By Adam Nicholls

All he wanted was to stop a killer.
He never knew what it would cost.

Morgan Young only took the small cases - the ones he knew he could solve - but when Detective Gary Lee arrives on his doorstep asking for help, he's given no choice. Two women are dead, and they have to find the killer before he strikes again.

Limited Time Deal $0.00 (normal $.99)

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Punishable By Death ACF Bookens.jpg


By ACF Bookens

BOOK #1 In the St. Marin's Cozy Mystery Series

Change is hard in a small Southern town, especially when it brings a side of murder.

All Harvey Beckett wants to do is help the residents of St. Marin's find the perfect book for that moment, snuggle with her hound dog Mayhem, and be ignored by her cat Aslan. But when the small, waterside town's newest resident discovers the body of the community's persnickety reporter in her bookshop storeroom just before her grand opening, Harvey can't help trying to solve the crime, even when it might cost her business and her life. The more questions Harvey asks, the more secrets she uncovers.

Limited Time Deal $0.00 (normal $.99)

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One Last Step Sarah Sutton.jpeg


By Sarah Sutton

ONE LAST STEP (A Tara Mills Mystery—Book One) is the debut novel in a new FBI mystery series by author Sarah Sutton.

Two hikers go missing along the Appalachian Trail, leaving only a bloodstained forest behind them, and when another hiker collapses on someone’s porch in New Hampshire, murdered by crossbow, the local police realize they have a serial killer on their hands––and need to call in the FBI.

Limited Time Deal $0.00  (normal .99)

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Paradise Crime Mysteries Toby Neal.jpeg


By Toby Neal

BOOKS 1-3 Of The Series

Blood Orchids: Black sand beaches and steaming volcanoes are the backdrop for murder as young patrolwoman, Lei Texeira, discovers the bodies of two drowned girls and attracts the attention of a killer with ties to her own dark past.
Torch Ginger:The stunning cliffs and pristine beaches of Kauai have drawn Lei to a fresh start, but only she can untangle a mystery of missing persons with madness at its heart.
Black Jasmine:Cruise ships and art galleries hide dark secrets as Lei and her partner, Stevens, move to Maui to build a life together...but trouble follows them in paradise.

Limited Time Deal $ 0.99  (normal 9.97)

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Partners in Crim Elise Sax.jpeg


By Elise Sax

A string of brutal murders. An international conspiracy that includes the highest seats of power. A ruthless, sadistic killer who’s intent on terrorizing women.
In the first book of the Partners in Crime Thrillers, Peter Bolton is a spy, but he’s up for a career change. He makes Jack Reacher look like an amateur, and he’s saved the world more times than James Bond. But now Peter is ready to retire and live a normal life without underworld figures trying to kill him every day and without a cyanide capsule in his molar in case he gets caught.

Limited Time Deal $0.00 (normal 6.99)

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