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Fantasy Sci-Fi Deals

Speak of the Demon by Stacia Stark.jpeg


By Stacia Stark

I hunt demons. I don’t work for them. But it turns out that the most powerful demon in the country has a use for little ol’ me. Demons are being slaughtered. His demons. And as a bounty hunter, it’s up to me to find out who would dare hurt his people. I’ve got two weeks to find the killer, and if I fail, I’m bonded to Samael. Forever. But I’m never more dangerous than when my back is up against the wall.

And I’m ready to come out swinging.

New Release Price: $3.99

or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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Feral Wolf by Caroline Peckman Susanne Valenti.jpeg


By Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti

I’ve faced worse than this. Survived worse odds than this. I won’t let this failure break me.

We have 72 hours to turn this around. 72 hours to make a new plan out of the dregs of the old.

72 hours until all hope is lost.

My name is Rosalie Oscura. And I refuse to let anything beat me.

New Release Price: $4.99

or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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Wolf Marked by Veronica Douglas.jpeg


By Veronica Douglas

In my defense, the wolf was trying to murder me, and I was all out of mace. Now I’ve got a cult of rogue wolves on my heels, and the only one who can protect me is Jaxson Laurent—the leader of the Chicago pack.

He’s the sworn enemy of my family, but the heat between us is irresistible.

I need to master my magic and stand my ground, or I’ll be dead before the next moon.

Limited Time Deal $0.00 (normal $.99)
or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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Mentored In Fire by KF Breene.jpeg


By K.F. Breene

After a life of hiding and laying low so as not to end up trapped in the Underworld, that's exactly where Reagan finds herself.

It could be worse, though. She could've gone her whole life without riding a dragon! Maybe the Underworld isn't so bad. Or maybe Lucifer is doing what he does best - deceiving her to get what he wants.

Limited Time Deal $4.99
or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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How It Was by T.S. Joyce.jpeg


By T.S. Joyce

Nuke’s new Crew has no idea what he is, or the level of destruction he can cause. He’s here for his own reasons, pledging fealty to a group of half-crazed, dominant shifters in hopes of gaining control of his life.

But when a mousey, submissive human knocks on his door during move-in day, he starts to second guess his destiny. She doesn’t belong around a monster like him, but she has moments of strength, and a pile of secrets that have his inner animal a little too interested.

Limited Time Deal $ 0.99

or Free in Kindle Unlimited

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